Flashing a Raspberry Pi image with Etcher

How to flash your microSD card with flash too Belena Etcher.

Step 1: Download the Etcher .zip file

The Etcher download package is available on the official Balena website at this link:


Step 2: Run the Etcher App

This will open the Etcher application in the following view:

Note: Whenever you want to uninstall Etcher from your system, simply delete this App. You do not need to run any other download procedures with this App.

Step 3: Flashing an ISO file

Click on the Select image button; this lets you browse to the ISO image you want to select for writing. I have selected the (batocera_29.img) image downloaded from the FTP server or Cloud storage website.

Now you will see the Select target button highlighted. Insert a USB drive; if a single device is connected to your system, you will see it selected as follows:

Otherwise, you will be given an option to select from the available devices. You will then see the Flash button highlighted. Click on it so that Etcher starts to write the ISO file on the USB. You will also be presented with an Authentication dialog as only an authorized user can Flash a USB.

The writing process will start and you will be able to see a progress bar as follows:

On successful completion of image writing, you will be able to see the following view:

Close the window and your process is complete!

This is how you can make use of this efficient flashing tool to write OS images on your USB and also microSD cards. The process is pretty much the same when writing images on an SD card.

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