Cave Flash Drive
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Cave Flash Drive


All LaunchBox (hard drives & flash drives) come with the free un-licensed version of LaunchBox. You can upgrade to BigBox for more features, including video previews downloadable themes and skins.

What's included

27 Cave arcade games on a 16GB portable USB 3 flash drive, configured for Windows PC's and Laptops.


  • Free version of Launchbox game launcher.
  • Free reload service.
  • 12 months free technical support.

Cave Game List

  • Akai Katana
  • Deathsmiles
  • Deathsmiles MegaBlack Label
  • DoDonPachi
  • DoDonPachi Dai-Fukkatsu Black Label
  • DoDonPachi Dai-Fukkatsu Ver 1.5
  • DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou Tamashii
  • DoDonPachi II
  • DoDonPachi III
  • DonPachi
  • ESP Ra.De.
  • Espgaluda
  • Espgaluda II
  • Fever SOS
  • Guwange
  • Ibara
  • Ibara Kuro Black Label
  • Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi
  • Muchi Muchi Pork!
  • Mushihime-Sama
  • Mushihime-Sama Futari Black Label: Another Ver
  • Mushihime-Sama Futari Ver 1.5
  • Pink Sweets: Ibara Sorekara
  • Progear
  • Puzzle Uo Poko
  • Puzzle! Mushihime-Tama
  • Steep Slope Sliders
Delivery information

UK mainland domestic delivery starts at £5.25. The delivery price will be included on the Paypal checkout page.

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  • Buyers acknowledge that they are paying for the physical hardware only. Buyers must also acknowledge that all software included on any digital format or storage device is provided free of charge and is solely intended for educational and testing purposes only.