Sony Playstation Portable 2003 + 297 PSP Games - Gloss Black - Mint Condition PSP (Frirmware 6.60)

This is a non permanent install of the Pro PSP CFW Update. This means the official firmware is still default after reboot. You will need to run Pro PSP CFW Update after system restart.

This gives you the option to swap or change your custom firmware as desired, or revert to factory default by not running Pro PSP CFW Update after system restart

Additional Hardware

  • 2X 128GB MicroSD Cards (256GB Total Disc Space)
  • 2X MicroSD to SD Card Adaptors
  • Duo 2 MicroSD Card Dual Slot Adaptor
  • Additional Battery
  • Hard Shell Carry Case
  • In Car Charger
  • Hard Shell UMD Carry Case
  • Offical 2GB Sony Pro Duo Memory Card


You must run Pro PSP CFW Update before any of the below items will work.

Pre Installed Software

  • Pro PSP CFW Update
  • Pro PSP CFW Fast Recovery
  • Pro PSP CFW CIPL Flasher

Pre Installed Games ISO/CSO/ROMS/ZIPS

  • 297 Playstation Portable Games
  • 73 Playstation Portable Minis Games
  • 1750 Megadrive Games (PicoDrive)
  • 2106 NES Games (Nester_AoEX_R3)
  • 800 SNES Games (Snes9x_Euphoria)
  • 119 FB-Alpha Arcade Classics Games


When using the MS Pro DUO Dual slot adaptor. ONLY POPULATE SLOT ONE with a single MicroSD Card. The system is not designed to run both cards at the same time.


I do not offer any after sales support for this console. A solid understanding of, Pro PSP CFW Update, Pro PSP CFW Fast Recovery and Pro PSP CFW CIPL Flasher would be advantageous prior to purchase. I cannot be held responsible for the for incorrect use of this console, Therefore No refunds or returns are accepted.

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Playstation Portable 2003 Black + 297 PSP Games

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